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ʘ CBS network
Ͼ Cumulus Media
̳Ԙ Entercom Radio
iHeart network

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Blockbuster Scarlett Johansson Which actress portrays a cyborg policewoman in the 2017 reimagining of Mamoru Oshii's 1995 anime film?
Bookworm Puck Who observes, "Lord, what fools these mortals be!"?
Classic Rock Breathe What is the first song on "Dark Side of the Moon" with lyrics?What is the first song on "Dark Side of the Moon" with lyrics?
Get Your Game On Tom Brady Who is on the" Madden NFL 18" Xbox One cover?
Healthy Knowledge Amalgam What is the name of the silver and mercury mixture that is used for fillings?
Sports Trivia Tristan Thompson Which NBA star's girlfriend Khloe Kardashian watched him play in the NBA Finals?
Superhero Trivia Vulture Who is the main villain in "Spider-Man: Homecoming"?
TV Trivia Joe Scarborough Who did MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski announce she is engaged to in May 2017?

KABC 790 AM 'News, Talk, Evolved' ϾEdit

866-479-1051 trivia games survey refer a friend Ͼ Cumulus Media


KRRL 92.3 'Real 92' Edit


XHRM-FM 92.5 Magic Edit

619-570-1925 Text:33619

Contests & Text Offers

KFRG 92.9Edit

SIMULCAST: Please see #KFRG_95.1_.27New_Country.27 909-825-9525

KCBS 93.1 'Jack FM' ʘ̳ԘEdit


KTWV 94.7 'The Wave' ̳ԘEdit


KFRG 95.1 'New Country' Edit

800-431-3764 909-825-9525

KLOS 95.5 FM ϾEdit

Text to 62582 +1-800-955-5567 (955-KLOS) Listen & Win Contests Ͼ Cumulus Media

VIP contests/prizes
PLEASE NOTICEStations now arranged by radio frequency.

KCAL 96.7 'ROCKS!'Edit

909-431-4967 & Win Bonus Codes

KCAL Nation

KAMP 97.1 'Amp Radio'̳ԘEdit

877-971-4487 (971-HITS)

KYSR 98.7 'Alt 98.7'Edit

800-782-7987 Text: 22987

KGGI 99.1 'Riverside's Hottest Hit Music'Edit


PLEASE NOTICEStations now arranged by radio frequency.

KOLA 99.9 FMEdit

909-798-5600 Listen & Win Bonus Code

Advantage Club

KRTH 101.1 'K-EARTH' Edit

800-232-5784 (232-KRTH)

KIIS 102.7 KIIS fm 'KISS FM' Edit

800-520-1027 Text: 41027

KOST 103.5 'KOST 103.5' Edit

800-929-5678 Text: 200200 (national)

KBIG 104.3 'MyFM 104.3'Edit

866-544-6936 Text: 31043
PLEASE NOTICEStations now arranged by radio frequency.

KKGO 105.1 'Go Country'Edit

866-479-1051 On Air trivia games survey refer a friend


KPWR 105.9 'Power 106'Edit


KROQ 106.7 'World Famous KROQ' ʘ̳ԘEdit


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