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- Communications terms and equipment are also detailed.
- Share what you know about phones.
  • History - development of Switched Voice Networks
  • Equipment - ranging from legacy wall and desk telephones to modern.
  • Engineering - Switched Voice Network Operation and Maintenance.
  • Terms - Lexicon of codes and phrases.
  • Subscriber Database - User Maintained directory.
    • Reverse Telephone Directory
    • User reports of the behavior behind telephone numbersto Whitelist legitimate subscribers, Blacklist of Spammer's/Scammers and other warnings of fraudulent callers.
    • Payphone Database
    • Business Directory
  • Social implications of instant point to point and social broadcast networks.
    • User Extensions
      • Winlist Directory of So.Cal. Broadcast/Media featuring contests and sweepstakes.


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Warn others of scammers & Scammers, list businesses, dump your contact list into what began as the Payphone Wiki. Fill with History of telephony, its products, providers , engineering, stations and switching equipment, document your latest Mobile including Voice over Internet Protocol

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