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Request for help[]

The following Stations are in desparate need of an adopting editor. Remember, your chances of winning a contest are immensely improved if you link the result/aftersweeps URL as most stations give you ten bonus entries for each visitor, which necessitates these wikia policies: 1) you may post a bonus link for a fresh contest. 2) you may not edit away an existing bonus link and replace it with your own. 3) anyone may delete expired/ended contests. We must be fair and encourage all of us to make updates and keep the contest lists fresh.Phone Wiki Administrator (Disney Wizard|M|T|C|EGTA-IJ-Ph-RCT) 20:03, May 5, 2019 (UTC)

Stations adopted by:[]

KKGO word of the day: KLOS: kcal Friday at Work and their additional seasonal campaign words: keywords weekdays Volunteer, if you are able. Phone Wiki Administrator (Disney Wizard|M|T|C|EGTA-IJ-Ph-RCT) 02:43, November 5, 2017 (UTC)

Request approved: for use as template, what were the results? Action: Why recode the wheel? Good idea. Here are the results.Phone Wiki Administrator (Disney Wizard|M|T|C|EGTA-IJ-Ph-RCT) 16:43, March 2, 2019 (UTC)

iHeart 1K All Day[]

iHeart 1K Payday! - (Real 92.3 Makin' Money Moves, Alt 98.7, 99.1 KGGI Break the Bank, win-1000-cash-to-pay-344884/ KIIS FM $1,000 CASH to Pay Your Bills, Cash on KOST 103.5, [ MyFM 104.3 Easy Money daily bonus online entry, et cetera)
7A-7P at about :20 after Text keyword to 200200 for chance at $1000
This sweepstakes has ended.


2019 ̳Ԙ Entercom Radio National Cash Contest (rules) - Variously promoted as Cash Cow, Walking Around Money, Workday Payday, et cetera. Each Contest Day (Weekdays only:Monday – Friday, excluding weekends) participating Stations will announce a Contest keyword each hour from 7:00am-6:59pm local Station time. Text that keyword to 72881 or enter online at one entry per phone number. Automated response does NOT disqualify. Must be age 18+. Ends 02/01/2019 6:59pm PT Text Reply Response from +1-678-208-8198 [DO NOT CALL ]

̳Ԙ KAMP 97.1 $1000 National Text Contest TEXT TO 72881

Califonia Stations:[]

! = 72881 text contest active

Los Angeles

San Bernadino-Riverside

San Diego

San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose

Palm Springs