Rams Football Phantom number Text number for 78896



Me: Helmet 6:45 PM

78896: We need ur ID and ur consent 2 txt this #. Reply YES w/ ur DOB (MMDDYYYY) 2 consent 2 electronic terms (@helmet.absweeps.net) & 2 rec'v SMS ads from autodialer to this#; consent not req'd 4 any purchase 6:45 PM

Me: Yes 0x0x1x9 6:48 PM

78896: Thanks! Just 1 more step to enter. Please reply with your 2-letter state code (e.g. CA). Text HELP for Help and STOP to end. 6:48 PM

Me: NY 6:51 PM

78896: Thanks for entering the Bud Light Rams Tickets Sweepstakes. Official Rules at helmet.absweeps.net. Winner will be contacted on or about Nov. 1st. 6:51 PM

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