Sodexo Monster energy sweepstakes entry SMS phantom number for SMS number 26739

TEXT[edit | edit source]

2018.10.03 08:30 MONSTER for $1000 chance +1-786-250-1247 Me: Monster 10:17 AM 26739: Coke: Reply YES to receive 7 msgs via auto. sys. per entry [1] Consent not req 4 purch. Txt STOP to end, HELP for help. Msg&DataRatesApply.

Me: yes 10:20 AM

26739: Monster Energy Sweeps: Reply with your birth year (ex: YYYY). Rules: [2]. Msg&Data rates may apply. Txt STOP to end, HELP for help.

Me: 2019 

26739: Sodexo/Monster Energy: U got a sweeps entry but didn't instantly win. Enter daily thru 11/18. Txt STOP to end, HELP for help. Msg&Data rates may apply. 10:22 AM

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